FURYU is developing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities that include increasing quality with an eye toward compliance, protecting the environment, and reaching out to today’s youth.

Efforts to increase quality

Basic Quality Policy

We have established the following basic quality policies based on our corporate philosophy.

  • 1. Compliance is a top priority. We have established a quality system in line with various business units (industries) and work to maintain or increase quality.
  • 2. Provide a level of quality that can satisfy our customers.
  • 3. Promote quality assurance activities together with all our employees.

Fundamental System

Sales of all products and services, such as photo sticker machines, amusement prizes, video games, and mobile game apps, are conducted through the following quality improvement activities.

Management audit, Planning and Design, Product Release, After Sales Service

Environmental Activities

FURYU Corporation undertakes environmental conservation on the basis of the following Environmental Policy.

FURYU Corporation Environmental Policy

In light of our Corporate Philosophy and in order to achieve harmony with the environment, we at FURYU Corporation establish the following as our environmental policy and promote activities for the conservation and improvement of the environment.

  • 1. We will clarify the impact of our corporate activities, products and services on the environment, establish an environment management system and execute continuous improvements.
  • 2. We will comply with the Environmental Basic Act and other laws and regulations related to the environment as well as other required items that we have adopted, establish voluntary standards and address environmental conservation and prevention of environmental pollution.
  • 3. We will make good-faith efforts to respond to the environment-related requests of our stakeholders.
  • 4. We will improve the following issues on a continuous basis as company-wide initiatives.
    1) Reduction of the generation of waste and the promotion of recycling
    2) Promotion of energy conservation activities towards the reduction of CO2 emission amounts
    3) Promotion of the efficient use of paper and giving consideration to the streamlining of clerical work
  • 5. Under this Environmental Policy we will establish environmental objectives, targets and execution programs, and promote activities for the conservation and improvement of the environment. At the same time, we will review and revise our environmental management system and activities through evaluation of our compliance to laws and other required matters, periodical reviews of activities as well as thorough internal environmental audits and the like.
  • 6. We will carry out educational activities towards our employees to make this Environmental Policy widely known.
  • 7. We will disclose our Environmental Policy and efforts related to the environment in an appropriate manner.

June 26,2018
Takashi Mishima
FURYU Corporation

1.Management activities

We are promoting the creation of an ISO-based environment system as well as compliance to realize a sustainable recycling-based society. The purpose of our operations is to contribute to environmental conservation through environmental activities while pursuing corporate activities, i.e. the pursuit of profit, of which environmental conservation activities are a form of long-term, societal profit.

2.Employee education

We are conducting various environmental education activities to raise the environmental awareness of each of our employees so that we can raise the bar for our environmental conservation activities overall. Activities include distributing pocket environmental-related booklets and positioning environmental committee members in each division to educate personnel.

3.Eco-friendly business practices

We are engaging in eco-friendly business practices closer to home as well. This includes making product catalogs using soy ink, since it is easier for this ink to degrade underground and reduces petroleum use; making product packages more compact; and holding employee auctions for unneeded tools and gear.

Catalog using soy ink

Youth Outreach

Membership in Related Organizations

  • Aims to realize the development of an environment where the youth can use mobile phones, smartphones, and the internet safety and wisely.

  • Aims to promote the mobile content industry in a healthy way by supporting the entire industry in building a smooth relationship between consumers and relevant organizations, and coexisting prosperously with society.

Work with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

We support the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “2015 Safe Internet for Spring ? Concerted Action for the New School Year.” As part of this plan, our PICTLINK photo sticker service, which allows users to get and view photo on photo sticker machines, sends users content that details the risks of using SNS.
(from March to April, 2015)

Visiting FURYU

We offer elementary to high school age students a chance to visit FURYU and learn more about our history and how our photo sticker machines and other products are developed, from idea creation to sales.
Students will learn details about the industry, our company, and our products, and hear employees talk about the company structure, their job, and the challenges in their work. Students are also given the chance to actually try our products.