Corporate Philosophy and Brand


Corporate Philosophy

Create quality entertainment that brings happiness and fulfillment to people.

Origin of Company Name

The name “FURYU” comes from the old Japanese name for “entertainment.” Today it has a different meaning related to traditional Japanese art aesthetics.

The Gion Matsuri festival was the biggest entertainment event in Japan when it was first introduced in Kyoto during the Heian Period. People pursued the beauty, the energy, the fun, the pomp of the moment of this annual event.

This was the aesthetic sense behind the classical meaning of “FURYU,” and that is the name we chose for our company founded in Kyoto, and we hold the spirit of that word dear.


Brand Symbol


Brand Slogan


FURYU believes in delivering fun, joy and surprise to everyone, every day.
We encapsulate this belief in our statement “Precious days, always.”

Brand Story

FURYU’s mission is to enable people to enjoy immersing themselves in their world and partying with friends and family. Based on our corporate philosophy, “Life is the very best entertainment,” we bring each individual an invaluable sense of “Precious Time.”

Through ingenuity and an infinite spirit of curiosity, we strive to create new pleasure, happiness and surprise.

Message from the Founder

Life Is the Very Best Entertainment

While I conceived of the corporate philosophy of “creating quality entertainment that brings happiness and fulfillment to people” in April 2006, I was thinking about what type of entertainment we should aim for in the future in order to implement this philosophy.

Movies hit me in my mind above all. Through powerful and moving stories, movies truly bring us happiness and fulfillment. Then the other thing popped up to my mind at that time. A movie shows the main character’s life. In your own life, however, you are the one who acts, directs and writes. Whether the story is roller-coaster or just ordinary, it doesn’t matter. When I thought about this, I came to realize one’s life has been great fun, and living one’s life has been the best form of entertainment.

I mean, “Life is the very best entertainment.” There must be good times and bad times in a person’s life. However, if you realize that your whole life is an entertainment (enjoyment), it is possible to get the most out of both the good times and the bad times. This also leads people to respect and value the lives of others. I hope this concept reach you even if only slightly.

August 19, 2008
Yoshiro Tasaka