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Precious days, always

It makes me delighted to see our customers having fun and being so completely into our FURYU products. It makes me happy to see that those smiles are delivered by our employees. FURYU’s corporate philosophy is “creating quality entertainment that brings happiness and fulfillment to people.” Working with our employees, we aim to meet society’s expectations in these times when expectations are changing from materialism to idealism, and to make every single customer experience precious times through entertainment.

We defined entertainment as “anything that fulfills one’s mind” and set two principle as our strengths. One is “GIRLS TREND BUSINESS”. When we founded our company, our first service was a photo sticker machine, which is now widely spread and has become a fashionable entertainment for the most of high school girls. We have always created our products with a close relationship with our customers and have gained the ability to reach and market to young women. Today we are developing web content and colored contact lenses by taking advantages of these.

The other principle is “SEKAIKAN BUSINESS (Character, game and anime)”. We are able to roll out the charms of contents and characters with a wide variety of products such as plush toys, cartoon figures, games and anime. In various business fields, we have built up comprehensive results and we continue to thrive.

Having had the times where society is full of objects and information, and experiences drastic changes of market environment and diversification, we believe that quality entertainment is needed in the future to ensure people’s happiness.

The company will work together toward steady growth to increase “what we can do because of what we are” with our growth willingness in every one of the employees who face market needs sincerely.

FURYU Corporation
Takashi Mishima