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Precious days, always

Since its founding in 1997, FURYU has entered a wide range of entertainment business fields, including photo sticker machines, content media, character merchandising, video games, and anime. We have reliably expanded the scope of these fields as well.

With FURYU’s independence in 2007, we came up with our corporate philosophy of creating quality entertainment that brings happiness and fulfillment to people. We thought about what would be the best business for a company that pursues quality entertainment, and movies sprang immediately to mind. Movies have the power to inspire emotions and bravery in people. There is no doubt that they are quality entertainment that brings happiness and fulfillment to people.

However, we also realized something: movies depict the lives of its leads (i.e., other people). Meanwhile, you yourself are the lead in your own life. Not only that, but you are the screenwriter and director as well. With that in mind, we realized that what is really more entertaining than a movie depicting someone else’s life is living your own life. We realized that life is the very best entertainment! That notion might be my own outlook on life, but it also forms the core of FURYU’s corporate philosophy.
Right now, these two things – our corporate philosophy to create quality entertainment that brings happiness and fulfillment to people, and my outlook on life and the core of this philosophy, that “Life is the very best entertainment” – have become an important cornerstone for each and every employee.

Based on our corporate philosophy and outlook on life, FURYU recreated its corporate brand in 2015 and moved to the next level. We will bring each customer an invaluable sense of “precious time” through quality entertainment, and have each person’s own life be the very best entertainment. That is what we want our brand to be.

Our mission is to give our customers their own “precious time,” as well as the best party time they can spend together with their friends and family. We will continue to create new pleasure, happiness and surprise through ingenuity and an infinite spirit of curiosity. We look forward to your continued understanding and support of FURYU.

Yoshiro Tasaka
Chairman, FURYU Corporation

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